Top Home Improvement Blogs To Follow

Your house tells a lot about the journey of its becoming home. And now there is no shortage of inspirational DIY Home Improvement ideas on the internet. Wondering where to start? Well, there are plenty of best Home Improvement blogs sharing their hacks with tips and tricks that are not only simple to follow but also inexpensive. All you need is to be creative, some hard work, and a nudge with the best home improvement blogs to follow.

Top Home Improvement Blogs To Follow

To make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the profile of 15 Home Improvement experts to brainstorm their creative ideas and try them out to spruce up your space and match freshness with your vibe.

1. REMODELaholic

Broken things can have a good story too, and Cassity and Justin prove this to be true. Not just home decoration and improvement ideas but this extensive layout also cover recipes and video tutorials to show the process of home remodeling. This family-run blog focuses on 4 Rs- Reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, and remodel the old things in creative DIY ways on a budget or no expense at all to create amazing home renovation ideas.

2. Centsational Style

It’s never too late to follow what you love and Kate Riley, a lawyer turned blogger, is an inspirational figurine. She shares quite creative home decor ideas and guidance in her blogs on Centsational Style for all who love to brainstorm through the DIY tips and tricks to attractively and affordably style their homes. Being an avid traveler, Kate’s blog features many spots she’s been to all around the globe along with responsible travel tips.

3. Designer Trapped

Like the Centsational Style, the Designer Trapped creator, Tasha is also a former lawyer turned blogger now sharing her ideas related to everything home renovation and improvement through complete DIY and at the lowest budget possible. From tips on how to DIY home decor and organize the mess to shopping guides and home and health routines, you will find everything you could ever ask for and no matter what but under your budget!

4. Merry Pad

The home improvement enthusiasts, Emily and Pete, found a way through this blog to share home improvement tips by documenting numerous DIY projects they tried or going to try on their own home. You can check their HGTV+DIY Network for inspiration if you might wish to design your home in an affordable and fun DIY way. See Emily’s professional work on various projects and read through the extensive range of insightful articles on all topics related to home and decor.

5. Refresh Restyle

Creator of Refresh Restyle, Debbie’s blogs will undoubtedly give you a purpose, plan, and passion to hand in the amazing DIY home interior decorum. Debbie’s blog features a DIY and Craft section where she shares her furniture makeovers and handcraft ideas for every occasion. From coloring and decorating tree branches and barks to dining room makeovers, you can surely find something that may inspire you to create your own.

6. Retro Renovation

This blog is for all old souls out there looking for something nostalgic. From $2 to $200 worth of retro-looking faucets to 70s authentic wallpaper and floor tiles, find the eye-catching and budget retro home design ideas and products. Retro Renovation features a Be Safe/Renovate Safe section that focuses on the importance of being safe when remodeling your vintage home with old stuff and even wiring and fire safety. Wanna explore the wonders of retro home design history? Dive into “The Museum” section of their site and learn about the forgotten mid-century home designers.

7. Old Town Home

Renovating and Remodeling an old house to your will can get a bit stressful and expensive but not when you have home improvement experts like Alex and Wendy to share amazing tips and hacks that won’t cost more than a cup of coffee and time saver as well. Their journey began in 2003 when they first redesigned and renovate their home and decided to share their experience through this blog. Browse through the DIY how-to tutorials and projects on their blog and get inspiration to build something beautiful of your own.

8. Apartment Therapy

When in doubt about what you should put on that wall, check inspirational and creative home improvement blogs by Maxwell Ryan on Apartment Therapy. The blog features the compilation of every home renovation from organizing and cleaning hacks to how-to DIY tutorials and shopping advice and the latest trends, keeping your game up-to-date. The blog also has a House Tour window that features the project videos submitted by the readers and blog followers to showcase their skills that ultimately brings extra inspiration to work on that home design you’ve been planning on.

9. DIY Showoff

Run by a DIY enthusiast, Roeshel, this blog is all about home makeovers and decors on budget. This blog is a chronicle of her passion for repurposing, recreating, and designing home interiors. Roeshel began sharing her home renovation ideas on the blog journey she embarked on her own home improvement journey. Besides the creative tutorials and blogs on home improvement, Roeshel also loves to share cleaning hacks and educate her readers on health and wellness, and the use of essential oils. and how it feels to turn 40 and a grandma through her blogs.

10. The Family Handyman

If you want to get specialized in building creative ideas out of nothing, this blog is just right for you! You will find endless easy-to-follow DIY tips and how-to tutorials that focus on renovating home, outdoors, and vehicles. On the website, you can find a variety of projects and on-demand DIY workshops and classes being led by experts in the home improvement niche. This is a great platform for anyone who loves DIY crafts and improving their homes with the help of online courses and well-elaborated instructions.

11. Young House Love

The writers of Young House Love, John and Sherry, as every enthusiast, started to remodel and share their first home renovation journey on the internet through blogs and since then the lovely couple has turned 7 houses into dream homes, written books, started their podcast, and has worked on over 3,000 DIY projects and home remodeling. From crafting buildings, doors, and furniture to small spaces organization, painting, and DIY decorating tips, there are many before and afters to browse through and brainstorm ideas for your home.

12. Monica Wants It

Whether love China patterns or looking for creative DIY home improvement ideas, Monica always gets what you want! A proud Latina with the perfect eye for colors, contrast, and elegance actively shares her home improvement pro tips and ideas to remodel your home under budget using spare items. She also shares ideas on home organization and how-to paint tutorials through her blogs in quite a plain and unfussy way that will inspire you to come up with creative ideas of your own.

13. The Ugly Duckling House

The mind behind the Ugly Duckling House blog, Sarah found her love for home renovation and remodeling when she first bought her house in Atlanta and decided to share her DIY adventures and using-tools mishaps through blogs. You will find detailed tutorials and tips through photos and videos on home improvement ideas with good witty punches that make readers fall in love with her work more. Not just the articles, but Sarah features a House Tour section on her website that will give complete insight on the before and afters of a project.

14. The DIY Bungalow

It’s hard to put your mind to something when your heart already belongs somewhere else. The same can be said for another lawyer turned DIY home improvement blogger, Karen Cooper, the voice behind The DIY Bungalow. Putting hands on everything related to home decor and remodel, paint, color, storage, organization, cleaning, and using tools, this blog features a broad range of inspirational articles and how-to DIY tutorials for turning your house into your dream home. To pump more imagination and share home improvement knowledge, Karen hosts an educational and inspirational once-a-week challenge shout-out to bring forward your skills.

Found Your Inspirational Home Improvement Blog?

If not, we hope this article has helped you choose the best DIY Home Improvement blog to follow this time. Pretty much we’ve covered today’s sensational and budget home renovation blogs to give an inspirational nudge to your inner creative self.

If we missed mentioning other famous home improvement blogs or if you might have tips and ideas to share with the world, we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to check out A+ Construction & Remodeling, a reputable company in Sacramento, for expert guidance and top-notch renovation services. They deserve a mention here.

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